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From the outset, my aim was to craft a revenge narrative, one that flips the hunter into the hunted, while delving into the circumstances that led them to this critical juncture. My primary goal was to unveil the profound evolution of our formidable protagonist, who, long before the story unfolds, has weathered countless trials. By journey's end, she not only confronts her adversary but also grapples with her own complex emotional landscape, adding depth and nuance to the story.

In a desolate desert landscape, a determined young Latina woman confronts her antagonist, unveiling intricate layers of her personal history. Through the narrative of two brothers' lives in a remote village, she unveils themes of destiny, survival, and the impact of violence. As the story unfolds, tensions rise, and Fernanda's dark mission becomes clearer, leaving both characters and viewers grappling with the harsh realities of their circumstances.


La Leyenda del Sombrerón

I created this short film as a tribute to my home country, Guatemala. I wanted to steer away from subjects such as gangs, drugs, human rights, and focus instead on folklores rooted in my country's history. El Sombrerón is one of the many cautionary folk tales my grandma told me growing up. And so, the film itself acts like a fairy tale, with a minstrel narrating this surreal short story, leaving its beginning and ending to the audience's imagination.

Susana, an orphan, wakes from a nightmare gasping for air, and struggles to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Unsure who to trust, she maneuvers through a maze of eerie events set up by an evil being, Sombrerón. Frightened, she dismisses the warning signs as she seeks answers that only bring her closer to the darkness slowly surrounding her.




Coast - A Short Love Story

Coast began as a simple idea - how to explore a relationship in a unique and honest way? In our story, Matt and Elsie find each other at an unexpected point in each of their lives, after a period of being disconnected from the most important person in your life.


We wanted this production to be as authentic of an experience as possible, so we crowdfunded the production budget to harness the collaborative energy of an artistic community and set off on a real road trip with a small crew to maintain spontaneity and presence with our cast and create an open environment to develop this relationship right in front of the lens.We made this movie for no other reason than to collaborate with our talented friends and create a story that could resonate with each of us through the relationships and connections we all form in our lives.



Would you like to see how a relationship ends before committing to it forever? In the not-so-distant future, a new tech startup offers a peek into a defining moment from a couple’s life together. John and Emma must decide whether or not to still start a life together after their Glimpse reveals more than they anticipated.​

We approached this project as a creative exercise with limitations. Before writing the script we had a set of rules, a small budget and only 2 locations. We that in mind we created a love story with a science fiction background.



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