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Image by Natalie Parham


Crunchyroll - Supercharged

"Supercharged" was meticulously crafted around an energetic array of titles set to launch during the vibrant fall season on Crunchyroll. Our primary objective was to conceive a captivating seasonal marketing campaign that thoughtfully bundles content, effectively captivating casual fans. We aimed to make a substantial impact, creating a campaign that resonates as strongly as the excitement surrounding this particular season.

Funimation LATAM - Tenemos Sabor

In 2020, Funimation made its debut in Latin America, and I assumed the role of directing the team responsible for shaping the campaign that would echo the company's voice within the region. Our brainchild, the "TENEMOS SABOR" campaign, emerged as the conduit connecting the vibrant worlds of anime and Latin American culture. Our objective was clear: to forge an authentic campaign tailored for the Latin American audience, seamlessly introducing them to the captivating universe of Funimation.

CRACKLE - Brand Design

Following the departure from Sony, the imperative arose to craft a distinct identity for Crackle that exudes a premium essence. Opting for a minimalist design philosophy, we harnessed the power of the main colors Orange and White to encapsulate the brand's unique character.

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